Guidance recommends we stay 6 feet away from others. But what does six feet really mean? Measure it multiple ways to find out, and brainstorm new and creative ways to encourage people to stay 6 feet safe!

6 Feet Safe

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STEM, Social-Emotional, Service K, 1st, 2nd, , 3rd, 4th, 5th

Explore what 6 feet looks like and how to encourage people to stay 6 feet away.

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Measuring tool, Household items, Blank paper, Pencil



  • EXPLAIN: We have learned that staying away from others is one way we can keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus. Experts recommend that you stay six feet away, especially if you’re not wearing a mask. They chose six feet because that is how far your cough or sneeze could travel through the air to get someone else sick.

  • ASK: What does 6 feet mean exactly? How long/far does six feet go, do you think?

  • INSTRUCT: Without using any kind of measuring device, show me however you want how far you think six feet is.

  • MARK: Off the distance every child says.

  • EXPLAIN: Today, we’re going to explore what six feet really looks like, and think of new ways you can help others stay a safe distance away to limit the spread of coronavirus.



    1. Measure an actual six feet on the floor/ground.

    2. Mark each end.

    3. Compare your guesses to the actual marks.


    • Was six feet longer or shorter than you thought?

    • Why do you think it was shorter/longer than you thought?

  • EXPLAIN: Don’t worry if you got it wrong! A lot of people are not very good at knowing how far 6 feet actually is. So we’re going to practice measuring 6 feet in some creative ways so we can get it into our heads how long it is.


    1. Measure six feet in terms of your own body. How many of you laying on the floor does it take to make six feet and write it down.

    2. Measure six feet in terms of someone else in your house’s body and write it down.. Are they shorter or taller?

    3. Choose a household object or toy that you have several of and write it down.. How many of those do you need to line up in order to make six feet?

    4. Choose something from outside and see how many of it you need to reach six feet and write it down..

    5. Choose anything you want and use it to measure six feet and write it down.

  • EXPLAIN: Now that you have all of these numbers, we are going to make a bar graph. In a bar graph, different bars represent how much of something that there is. You can find some examples here:


    1. First, draw a great big half a square (like an L). Leave space on the left side and the bottom.

    2. On the bottom, write each different thing you used to measure across the bottom.

    3. On the left side, write the words “How Many?”

    4. Above the name of each thing, draw a bar to represent how many it took of that thing to make six inches. I recommend you start with the most and the least. For example, it might have taken one dad to make 6 feet, so you’d make a very short bar for dad. But it might have taken 150 Cheerios, so that bar should be really tall. Everything else should be in the middle.

    5. If you want, you can create an electronic bar graph here:

  • EXPLAIN: Now that we have a good idea of how far six feet is, since we’ve measured it lots of ways, can you think of a way to get people to stay six feet away from each other?

  • SHOW: Here are some pictures to inspire you:

  • INSTRUCT: Draw a picture of a creative way to remind people to social distance.


  • DISCUSS: Why is it important to be respectful of others’ space during COVID and always?

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