National Kids IGNITE GOOD!® Day is a day to encourage kids to Ignite Good! (do something nice without expecting anything in return. We celebrate it every year on May 18th.

On this day, we should kids to use their talents to impact change. Whether that means baking a cake for a doctor, playing basketball with a bullied kid, creating beautiful cards for lonely individuals in retirement communities, or helping their teachers clean the classrooms, we know that kids have an amazing gift for kindness in their daily lives.

National Kids IGNITE GOOD! Day is a reminder of the world and future we can build if we focus on kindness, compassion, and service.

Get Involved

  • Encourage kids to set an Ignite Good!® mission for the day.
  • Post reminders of simple ways to Ignite Good!® in community or school spaces.
  • Take a picture/video of your Ignite Good!® mission and post on social media to encourage others to join in.
  • Use some of the free worksheets or posters that Global Game Changers has developed.
  • Start class or conversations by asking children, “What have you done to Ignite Good! today/this week?” and celebrate their actions.
  • Identify ways that kids can Ignite Good! using their unique talents and interests. How can they use what they love to do to inspire compassion or change? How can they impact who/what they love to make a difference?
  • Plan how you will continue to Ignite Good! all year round.

An Ignite Good! Jar is one way to keep the Ignite Good! spirit going year-round.

  1. Make the Jar.
  2. Think of lots of Ignite Good! deeds.
  3. Write them down and put them in the Jar.
  4. Pull one out regularly and challenge yourself to complete it!