GGC Team

GGC runs on Friendship, Laughter and lots of Ice Cream. What’s your favorite flavor?


Justin Walker, Executive Director
Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee
Justin Walker serves as the Executive Director of the Global Game Changers, while also working as an assistant law professor at the University of Louisville. A graduate of Harvard Law School and Duke University, he clerked on the Supreme Court for Justice Anthony Kennedy, and on the DC Circuit for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Law & Policy List in 2011, Justin has been a lawyer, teacher, speechwriter for the Secretary of Defense, and nationally recognized blogger. Justin lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife Anne, who shares his passion for teaching kids about compassion (as well as his passion for college basketball,) and their daughter Isabella.

Anne Walker, Chief Program and Curriculum Officer
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Anne is a career writer and researcher who has written for business, academic, political, and non-profit entities. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at Duke University and her Master’s Degree in International Affairs at George Washington University, in 2006 she joined the staff of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick in the Legislative Affairs Office. Following her departure from Massachusetts, she worked as an independent writer and researcher where she wrote policy and procedure manuals, curriculum documents, and public relations and marketing materials for non-profit and business organizations. Currently Anne lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband Justin and daughter Isabella.

Alyssa Zediker, Program and Curriculum Officer
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
After serving a year with Global Game Changers from August 2017 to August 2018, Alyssa found a heart for building capacity for our growing organization, so she accepted a second year as VISTA Leader. Alyssa earned a BA in both Philosophy and Zoology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Alyssa loves working with all ages as she previously worked a Personal Care Assistant in a retirement community and enjoyed working with the kids in the classroom. Outside of work Alyssa enjoys spending time playing video games, beach volleyball or with her two pet rabbits: Bunny and Booplesnoot. Originally from Suburbs of Chicago, Alyssa currently resides in Louisville, KY with her partner.

Javier Navarro, VISTA Leader
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies N’ Cream
Javier joined us from Washington State at the end of August as a videographer VISTA. He’s sticking around Louisville for another year to serve as VISTA leader. While at GGC, he has merged his professional pursuit in media production with his new passion for education. His past year creating media and serving in the classroom will give him plenty of experiences to pull from to lead the VISTA team for the 2019-20 school year.

americorps vista members

Crystal Wiley
Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry

Cameron McNeil
Graphic Designer
Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow Sherbert

Deric Hudson
Favorite Ice Cream: Rum Raisin

Jessica Sears
Favorite Ice Cream: Brownie Batter


Ian Michaud
Data & Impact Analyst
Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl


Joe Buckler
Curriculum Writer
Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla


Melina Hettiaratchi
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies N’ Cream

Serve KY AmeriCorps Members 

Brittany Blackburn
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry Cheesecake

Tracy Hurtgen
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate


Tiffany Travis
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Naomi Deeds
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Caramel Praline

Moriah Thomas
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry Cheesecake

Katherine Ahearne
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Peppermint

Courtney Morrow
TeacherCorps Member
Favorite Ice Cream: Creme Brulee

americorps hall of fame


Hailey Adams, SAM
Alexes Beckham, SAM
Brittany Blackburn, SAM
Aubrey Cowser, SAM
Vanessa Diaz, VISTA
Willow Dietsch, VISTA
Cordell Fulkerson, SAM
Daniel Gerken, VISTA
Alyssa Griffth, SAM
Kierra Harbin, SAM
Aedin Harpster, SAM
Tracy Hurtgen, SAM
Chanler James, SAM
Jaimie Larson, VISTA
Brianna Lipscomb, SAM
Whitney Marples, SAM
Cameron McNeil, VISTA
Javier Navarro, VISTA
Samantha Owens, SAM
Sasha Powell, SAM
Tyrin Purvis, SAM
Makayla Shelby-Fields, SAM
Claire Smith, VISTA
Noah Tichenor, SAM
Moriah Thomas
Tiffany Travis, SAM
Crystal Wiley, VISTA
Alyssa Zediker, VISTA Leader

Larissa Cargal, SAM
Julie Dunn Crawford, SAM
Meredith Ellis, VISTA
Cherley Fleury, SAM
Joy Hampton, SAM
Janine Hogan, SAM
Eric Howard, SAM
Diana Lalata, VISTA
Shannon Runke, VISTA
Ginny Segar, VISTA
Jenny Suarez, SAM
Erin Sigmund, VISTA Leader
Lydia Sisco, VISTA
Rebecca Wesseh, SAM
Tyler Wilson, SAM
Dorse Wise Jr., SAM
Alyssa Zediker, VISTA

Sara Beth Freytag, VISTA
Ali Gautier, VISTA
Shannon Runke, VISTA
Erin Sigmund, VISTA
Jenna Thomas, VISTA
Shirelle Williams, VISTA

Katie Bess Hilbinger, VISTA
Katie McClure, VISTA
Andrew Stewart, VISTA

Anna Melynkovych, VISTA
Ian Murray, VISTA

Tyler Setser, VISTA

We are a proud recipient of an award for AmeriCorps VISTA and State AmeriCorps Members (SAM) to serve our organization. Without our AmeriCorps members,
we wouldn’t be able to provide a strong and sustainable infrastructure as a non profit for years to come. Thank you for your service!