ggc student empowerment program

Hey Hero, you can change the world!

That’s the message that our students start with and hear every day.  At Global Game Changers, we believe that rich social, emotional and leadership skills, and character development come from empowering students to look around and consider what they can do to make this world a better place. Our curriculum is full of tools, engaging characters, and creative opportunities that will engage kids and make teaching and learning fun and easy. Read on to see how our program can bring out the inner superheroes in your classroom.

Our Goal

To use service learning and talent development to build social, emotional, and leadership skills in kids PreK – 5th grade.

Students walk through our framework to develop their skills. They learn what it means to be a Global Game Changer superhero in Superhero Welcome, and about the Superpower Equation® framework. Then they explore our 12 Heart Badges (Animals, Arts, Basic Needs, Bullying, Education, Elderly, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Rescue, Veterans, and General) in any order you want. Next, we take time time for Talent Discovery. And now they’re ready to put their Superpower Equations together, and then put them into action with our comprehensive toolkit. Finally, take some time to celebrate their journey and impact – and yours, too!


The Power of the Superpower

Everyone has a Superpower, from 3 to 133…what’s yours?

  • Honoring student voice and choice
  • Giving students the tools to engage outside of themselves
  • Developing essential skills for the 21st century.

How can you implement the Global Game Changers Program? It’s up to you!

Change the Day

Use our tools to help teach a lesson you already need. Whether you’re looking for a lesson to address Bullying in October, the Environment for Earth Day, or Education on the 100th Day of School, we have them. The only cost to you is time – and hopefully we’ll help you save a bundle!

Change a Season

Focus on a specific goal. We have lessons specifically devoted to emotion management, violence prevention, service projects, and broader social-emotional development. Walk through a cohesive series of lessons so you can get a better understanding of the program as a whole.

Change a Year

Pilot the full curriculum in a single classroom or grade level. We understand that building buy-in in the right way leads to stronger implementation if we pass muster. We’re happy to sing the praises of our program all day – but we know that your team speaking in a whisper can drown us out.

Change the World

We have tips, tools, and examples to make a full-school or full-district implementation shine! Schedule custom meetings or ongoing trainings, connect with us on bulk supply deliveries, and explore our evaluation tools so you can be sure the cost (free) doesn’t match the value (priceless).

Why GGC?

In-Depth Curriculum

  • Base curriculum with fully-written lesson plans for Pre-K – 5th Grade
  • All lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts & CASEL
  • Flexible implementation to suit your needs
  • Hands-on, project-based lessons with real world applications
  • Whole child development focus

Easy Online Access

  • Online portal with full program access
  • Simple to understand and navigate
  • Embedded tools including PowerPoints and videos
  • Gain points and win swag!

Amazing Tools & Resources

  • Introductory toolkits available at no cost to new educators
  • Video resources including animated cartoons, how-to videos, PD videos, and teaching videos
  • Growing lesson library for new lessons beyond the base curriculum
  • Measurement tools built in and free for use to assess student growth

…Plus, it’s provided at no cost to you.

Our Lessons Are

  • Pre-K-5th Grade
  • Superhero-themed
  • Strengths-based
  • Project/problem-based
  • Compassion-focused
  • Modular and flexible for implementation
  • Fully Written and Easy to Follow
  • High-Quality
  • Evidence-Based
  • Common Core, CASEL & aligned

... our archnemesis who spreads apathy. apathy. Meet Krumi Our Motto Do something nice without expecting anything in return. Pixel Astra Meet Our Heroes Little Big-Heart Pia IQ Acer Moxie Global Girl

GGC Superhero Alliance

To introduce the curriculum, we use The Global Game Changers, a book about a fictional alliance of superheroes; Global Girl, Little Big-Heart, and their dog Pixel, who search the world looking for real-life kids who IGNITE GOOD!™ to join their alliance to fight KRUMI, represented by a dark cloud of apathy. The book tells the story of three real-life recruits who have learned to fight apathy – compassion’s archenemy, with their heads, their hearts, and their hands and to do good in the world.

By making IGNITE GOOD!™ a part of who they are, rather than just something they do, they build core values that put them on a trajectory for a successful and happy life.

Check out the Alliance in action below in our pilot episode, “Creative Recycling.”

Slide You can change the world. You can change the world. Hey Hero,