Expand Our Impact

Provide Amazing Tools

Support Global Game Changers’ ability to continue to grow and expand its reach and resources. With your donation, we will develop and share new and amazing tools and trainings with educators on our portal, allowing them access to high quality learning tools without prohibitive cost. All our our kids and educators need tools that inspire them to continue their amazing work!

Support Our School Empowerment Zones

Global Game Changers School Empowerment Zones seek to make a revolutionary impact on education in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. These innovative partnerships bring the best of what we have to offer with the amazing commitment of schools who want to grow their impact. Your donation will help us make a difference for students at schools performing in the lowest 5% of the state. It will allow us to continue to work with our amazing school partners to bring innovative and creative solutions that truly help our students and communities soar.

Make a Difference with the Money You’re Already Spending

Global Game Changers curriculum is grant funded and FREE to educators. We offer a flexible project-based service learning curriculum that promotes a positive culture.If you are interested in making a donation to support a specific program, please include that information in the special message field. If you are interested in making a donation “In Honor of,” “In Memory of,” or “In Celebration of” a loved one, please include that information in the special message field. Global Game Changers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.