Finding Books to Inspire at the Louisville Free Public Library

Finding Books to Inspire at the Louisville Free Public Library2016-04-13 17.09.04During our spring semester at the Ali In-Residence Program, twice a week, one of Global Game Changers’ AmeriCorps VISTAs visited the downtown Main Children’s Library. Every Tuesday and Friday she picked up over 40 books and educational videos for the GGC pilot program that takes place at the Muhammad Ali Center. With so many trips to the library under her belt, Katie Bess has become known around the Children’s Main Library as a weekly mainstay. The librarians knew that she would walk through those doors every week to pick up her books for the program. Each week the program focused on a different cause, based on GGC’s Heart Badges. There are 12 heart badges and they range in topic from animals to veterans to health. Each week the children have the opportunity to read books relating to that week’s topic.

Katie Bess has come to love her trips to the library and the challenge of finding educational and Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.44.19 PMentertaining books for both the Kindergarten through second grade classroom and the third grade through fifth grade classroom. Some of her collections for certain Heart Badges have been so comprehensive that the librarians have used her collections for their own weekly displays!

The Louisville Free Public Library is an extensive resource for our community. Their catalog includes everything from current movies to magazines to novels to books on tape. With a Louisville Free Public Library account, you have unlimited free access to services and resources that suite many different tastes and interests. If you are curious about how to take advantage of the Louisville Free Public Libraries services, take a look at some of Katie Bess’ tips listed below!

Katie Bess’ tips for navigating the Louisville Free Public Library system:

  1. Take advantage of the online LFPL system. On the website you are able to search for materials, locate materials, find material summaries, request materials and view your account.
  2. Make LFPL lists. The online system also includes the option to create lists within your account. You are able to name the list whatever suites your tastes and the lists will remain saved in your account until you delete them.
  3. Return your materials at ANY location. All LFPL materials may be returned to any location within the LFPL branch system. For a list of all of the LFPL branches visit their website.
  4. Ask for a receipt. Since Katie Bess was checking out over 40 books at a time it was difficult to keep track of all of the books. However, all of the librarians should print off a receipt for you with the material’s information and its return date. Not only is the receipt a good reminder for you, but it is also a great way to ensure that your personal record correlates with your LFPL account information.
  5. Learn about Teacher Collections. Teacher collections are a service of the LFPL for educators working with children and teens. A teacher’s collection consists of up to 30 books, DVDs, music CDs, or books on CD relating to a specific topic. These collections are put together by LFPL librarians, can be picked up at ANY LFPL location, are checked out on a teacher’s personal library card and are loaned for 21 days. The only drawback to the teacher’s collections service is that you must provide at least 3 weeks advanced notice so the books can be prepared.
  6. Add LFPL events to your calendar. The library hosts several events throughout the year. This past semester an author of a book that some of our 4th graders were reading came to the Main branch to speak. We let our students know and a few were able to take advantage of this opportunity.
  7. Know how to request materials from the LFPL system. The easiest way to request books from any branch is through the online system. Start by logging into your LFPL account on Click on Library Catalog, which is the first option on the left menu. From this page you can search for the materials using the entire LFPL catalog. Once you have found your chosen materials click on the Place Request button that correlates with that title. You will then be directed to ‘Place a request’ page. On this page you can designate your pickup location and when you would like the request to be activated. Once you have chosen the location and date click ‘Submit Request’. Once this button has been clicked the screen will change to ‘A request has been placed.’ You are always able to cancel requests using your online account. Depending upon where the materials are coming from, the request will be filled anywhere from 1 to 5 days from the activation date.
  8. Research the services and resources available to you through the LFPL. The library offers information and reference services, cultural activities and exhibits, social activities, lifelong learning opportunities, research help, story time, programs and events, business and career services, education and college application assistance, internet and computer access, and book club opportunities. This list is only a small portion of the services and resources that are available through a Louisville Free Public Library membership. If you are interested in learning more about the services and resources that are available, click on the services tab on the left side on the main page.
  9. Use the LFPL app. Gain access to all of Louisville Free Public Library’s services and resources on the go! The app is free to download and is available for Apple and Android products.

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