Global Game Changers and Miss America Launch Education Partnership

With uniquely aligned missions, Global Game Changers and Miss America team up to make a difference

Global Game Changers national education nonprofit is excited to partner with Miss America to empower titleholders with elementary education resources that support many of their community service initiatives.

“Empowering women in America means making education a priority – we are excited to announce a scholarship partnership with Global Game Changers in highlighting women in education at the forefront, showcasing our delegates who dedicate their lives to making a difference in the lives of young Americans through educational efforts,” believes Miss America CEO Robin Fleming.

The partnership is based on a shared commitment to service, talent development, and education. For over 80 years, the Miss America program has provided scholarship opportunities for contestants. It also places a strong emphasis on contestants’ showcasing their talents and engaging in social impact initiatives. Global Game Changers free online and turnkey curriculum uses service and talent development as tools to develop social, emotional, and leadership skills and empowers elementary students to discover their inner superpower to make the world a better place through their trademarked Superpower Equation: MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER!®

“The Global Game Changers Superpower Equation dovetails so well with the values of Miss America,” says Jan Helson Co-Founder and Board Chair of Global Game Changers. “And we’re committed to supporting titleholders with easy and relevant lessons as we endeavor to build a strong and successful partnership that supports our goal to empower elementary students to be successful, independent, and responsible leaders starting at a young age.”

Through this partnership Global Game Changers will provide titleholders across the country with the tools and resources to go into classrooms to facilitate a meaningful and engaging visit. It will also expose elementary school teachers to the Global Game Changers free curriculum that can be used to support their students’ leadership growth and address rising behavior challenges that threaten elementary school safety.

“As a Miss America and five-time local titleholder, I understand how important it is to have well-developed activities and lessons prepared for school visits,” says Heather French Henry, Miss America 2000 and Strategic Outreach Director for Global Game Changers. “The partnership with Global Game Changers and their valuable free resources provide a fun and educational way to integrate our title holders into the classrooms to assist teachers nationwide.”

Global Game Changers is also excited to launch the Global Game Changers Teaching Scholarship, a $2,500 scholarship that is open to Miss America candidates studying for or pursuing a career in the field of elementary education.

For more information on how to schedule a titleholder to visit your classroom, visit your state/local Miss America website. If you’re interested in accessing the free elementary school curriculum provided by Global Game Changers, you can register for their Educator Portal by visiting their website:



About Global Game Changers

Global Game Changers® is a project-based program that provides teacher-tested, evidence-based, FREE Pre-K – 5th grade curriculum and resources that use service learning and talent development as tools to nurture children’s social, emotional, leadership, and academic growth in-school, after school and at home. With a motto to IGNITE GOOD!®, the lessons use a simple equation: MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER!® to lay the foundation for nurturing engaged and successful citizens and leaders. Students explore their hearts, uncover their true talents, and develop the self-confidence they need to succeed in life. Global Game Changers is grant funded and free online to educators and parents thanks to the generous support of David Novak Leadership Foundation which believes in developing better leaders at every stage of life. For more information or to get involved with the program, visit

About Miss America

The Miss America brand mission is “Empowering Women to Lead” in every area of life from philanthropy, business, arts, politics, education and more. Miss America and Miss America’s Teen local and state ambassadors contribute thousands of community service hours annually, raising funds for philanthropic partners. For more information follow on InstagramFacebook and Twitter/X.