A Simple Gift to Recognize Super Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week celebrated the first week of May, and it’s almost upon us! If you’re looking for a meaningful gift to share with a teacher you care about that’s easy to put together, consider an O.G.O. J.A.R.  It’s a simple and easy way to acknowledge someone for all the amazing things they do.

An acronym for O Great One Jackpot of Acknolwedgment and Recognition, this amazing tool was developed by OGO Lead, now How Leaders Lead. It’s a simple jar filled with strips of paper where you (and many others if you want) acknowledge the recipient for the amazing work or care they have given.  Then, you present your JAR to your recipient, and whenever they are feeling down or defeated, they can look back at all the ways their effort is appreciated.

Thanks to a donation, Global Game Changers has some beautiful JARs you can purchase. But you can also use what you have around the house: an empty pasta sauce jar, coffee canister, or snack tub combined with cut strips of paper (we like colorful ones the best) gets the job done, too.

Write strips to acknowledge and thank the teachers in your life or your family’s lives for the work they do every day. Have your children participate and create their own strip. If you know other classmates, you can get them and their families in on the action as well.