Competition to be Kind: Compassion Games 2015

Competition to be Kind: Compassion Games 2015

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Each year, The Compassion Games take place all over the world: 10 days to “coopete” with others to be the kindest,most compassionate person, team, or city. For 10 days, September 11 – 21st, get ready for the “Survival of the Kindest!” Seattle won last year, but Louisville has won in the past. Mayor Fischer declared Louisville The Most Compassionate City, so it’s only fitting that our community should participate!  


The Compassion Games emphasizes the importance of doing good things for other people, no matter how small. They stress the importance of compassion in our cities and our world. The slogan on the Compassion Games website, “ Compassion is our Power-Source” is a powerful one. You can be any age to compete, so like us here at GGC, they believe that you are never too young to give back!


The website contains many different ways that you can participate in The Games!

  • Sign up as an individual or a team
  • Log your hours of volunteerism and compassion
  • Check up on other teams’ progress – hours worked, volunteers engaged, money raised, and people served
  • Sign up for other projects
    • 9/11 Service Day Project
    • Secret Agent of Compassion
    • Random Acts of Kindness Game


Join Compassionate Louisville’s team or create a subgroup of so all the other players can see how kind Louisville can be! We’d also love to have you on our team: “Global Game Changers Superheroes”! If you aren’t from the Louisville area, look through all the teams and see if you want to join one, like ours, or create your own! An awesome Louisville example of kindness was a report submitted by a Compassionate Louisville subgroup called “A Group of Young People Who Care!”

“1) drove Dr.C to bowling green for her talk

2) talked to Melanie (a wonderfully nice lady at the WKU bioLogy office) and wished her a wonderful day

The “A Group of Young People Who Care!” reporter, responsible for the post to the right

3) opened doors for Dr.C

4) opened up her scooter any time we  took the car somewhere

5) tied a plastic bag around her cast when it started raining

6) said hello to a complete stranger at the WKU

7) Told at least 5 people to have a great day”

This young lady did not do an earth-shatteringly kind action, but she did many smaller ones which are just as important! It does not matter how small the action is as long as you do it with love and compassion!


It’s much easier to be compassionate than we think! Just a smile, a friendly word with someone on the street or an acquaintance, like your mail person, is a small kindness that can contribute to a more compassionate city. Your kindness may help them be more kind to the rest of the people they meet that day. Holding a door, offering to carry something heavy from someone, helping an elderly person put their groceries in their car at the store or paying for the meal of the person behind you in the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant are just a few more ideas of how you can help spread love, kindness and compassion in your community!

If you want to join in on the fun, click here!

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