why social-emotional learning?

According to a compilation of studies focusing on universal implementation of  social-emotional learning (SEL) with 270,000+ students in 213 schools, those programs resulted in:

  • Decreased behavioral problems
  • Increased academic performance
  • Reduced incidence of anxiety and depression
  • Improved connection and attitude toward themselves and their schools

The Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) has indicated that schools who implement SEL programs for all students (not just as an intervention) receive an 11:1 return on investment for every dollar spent.

With the Global Game Changers program, no investment is needed to gain all of these benefits. Just register and start teaching.

Focus on the Youngest

Curriculum for Pre-K – 5th Grade

Reaching children early in life, during their most formative years, we have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. Starting from behind, places students in the vulnerable and difficult position of playing catch-up before the game even starts. It becomes a difficult and demoralizing situation that eventually leads to a pattern of acting out, poor life choices, succumbing to peer pressure, and academic failure that is nearly impossible to correct course.

GGC’s Approach

Discover Your Superpower

Our innovative curriculum teaches service-learning as a tool to promote deeper learning experiences that improve students’ social-emotional competencies, character, and leadership skills, using our Superpower Equation: MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER!™  Our unique service-based approach to social-emotional learning develops the Whole Child and empowers students to overcome apathy and feel empathy, developing a sustainable connection and continued engagement in service beyond the program.