why social-emotional learning?

Discover Your Superpower

Many children in communities across America do not enter school, socially, emotionally, or academically prepared to succeed in school or life. Our innovative curriculum teaches service-learning as a tool to promote deeper learning experiences that improve students’ social-emotional competencies, character, and leadership skills, using our Superpower Equation: MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER!™ to empower students to IGNITE GOOD!™ And make a difference!

Our Approach

Reaching children early in life, during their most formative years, we have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. Starting from behind, places students in the vulnerable and difficult position of playing catch-up before the game even starts. It becomes a difficult and demoralizing situation that eventually leads to a pattern of acting out, poor life choices, succumbing to peer pressure, and academic failure that is nearly impossible to correct course.


Utilizing a strengths-based approach, Global Game Changers Student Empowerment Program provides in-school educators evidence-based tools to positively impact school culture and student achievement. Our unique service-based approach to social-emotional learning develops the Whole Child and empowers students to overcome apathy and feel empathy, developing a sustainable connection and continued engagement in service beyond the program.

Curriculum Suitable for grades Pre-K – 5th

We believe that high-quality Out-Of-School time presents a unique opportunity to support in-school social-emotional learning and to change a child’s life by directly addressing the 6000-hour enrichment gap experienced by children of lower income and minority families by the time they reach 6th grade.

This gap is created by lack of access to quality afterschool programs, summer camps, preschool education, extracurriculars, enrichment, and parent interaction. This enrichment gap compounds the achievement gap in-school and puts them even further behind their well-advantaged peers.

Through collaboration, technology, innovation, and investment in human capital, Global Game Changers Student Empowerment Program seeks to be a catalyst for change in the education landscape of communities across the country by providing high quality, consistent and sustainable learning opportunities to all children, especially our most at-risk, that will help them develop the skills that they need to succeed in school and life.

High-quality, fun, and engaging virtual in-school and in-home COVID safe learning solutions!