Global Game Changers have been specifically developed to provide enhanced learning opportunities for children that give them the tools to close the achievement and enrichment (in the case of out-of-school time) gaps. Curricula improve character development and support compassion-based learning.

We are committed to evaluating our programs to measure impact toward these goals and also to seek input for ways to improve our programs.

Following is an overview of our key pilot programs and our evaluation findings:

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Afterschool Pilot Program, 2015

Photo Jan 27, 4 24 40 PMUnderstanding the ability of intentional after school programming to make a significant impact on young people, Global Game Changers is working with the YMCA of Greater Louisville’s after school programs.  They hope that intentional programming can play a part in closing the 6,000-hour enrichment gap experienced by low-income students. This gap is created by lack of access to quality afterschool programs, summer camps, preschool education, extracurriculars, enrichment, and parent interaction. The enrichment gap exacerbates the achievement gap. According to researchers, “Forty years of steadily accumulating research shows that out-of-school or ‘complementary learning’ opportunities are major predictors of children’s development, learning and educational achievement.”

Blue Lick Photo Jan 20, 5 06 00 PM (1)The two organizations initially agreed to a preliminary program to take place at two CEP sites, Jeffersontown and Tully Elementaries. The program at the two sites turned out to be a great success. Site directors saw a change in the behavior and motivation of many participants, even those that they had found difficult to reach prior to implementation of the Global Game Changers program. Debbie Lake, site director at Jeffersontown Elementary said, “It helped our kids feel like they were part of something special…I saw the kids had more respect for each other and improved behavior.”

Based on those results, Global Game Changers and the YMCA of Greater Louisville  expanded the pilot to 15 afterschool sites across Jefferson County for the Spring of 2015. This program was evaluated by Dr. Judi Vanderhaar, based on information collected by AmeriCorps VISTA members serving with Global Game Changers. More information can be found here.

Due to the success of the program, both partners decided to continue and expand the program for the 2015-2016 school year. More information about our continued collaboration can be found here.

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Whole School Implementation, 2013-2014

School Students % Free/Reduced % Minority % ESL
Auburndale Elementary 628 81.4 49.1 16.9

Auburndale Elementary, a Title I School in South Louisville, made an intentional commitment to changing school culture early in the school year. They instituted the Global Game Changers curriculum and developed a Compassionate School Resolution.

Pie Make a DifferenceAuburndale’s evaluation process began early in the year with pre-assessments completed by teachers. That data found that:

  • Teachers perceive students as much more aware (78%) of bad things happening in the world than good things (22%).
  • Teachers believe that all of their students are aware of bad things happening in their community, while only 56% are aware of good things.
  • Teachers believe that only 69% of children believe they can make a difference in someone’s life.

Good Bad AwarenessData at the end of the year showed a dramatic turnaround:

  • Importantly, the results suggest the program helped shift students’ awareness towards the positive things going on in the world which stood in stark contrast to their clear cognizance about the overwhelming violence and other negative news they are exposed to as expressed by both students and their teachers.
  • Pre‐Post district survey data revealed an increase in positive climate, interactions, belonging and a reduction in bullying for participating students
  • eachers also each perceived that the program had an impact on increasing students’ understanding of the impact of the actions and words on others.
  • Qualitative and quantitative data revealed the program had a positive impact on students’ sense of power to help others and their motivation to do so. The program nurtured students’ creativity and ability to connect their unique strengths to contribute to the betterment of others.”
A Superpower Equation created by Zachary, a 5th Grader at Auburndale.
A Superpower Equation created by Zachary, a 5th Grader at Auburndale.

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In-School Pilot Program (2012-2013)

School Type Grade
Middletown Elementary Public 4th
Holy Trinity Parochial Kindergarten
St. John’s Preschool Private Preschool

For students, the evaluation found that, as a result of this program:

  • 94% said the program made them want to help others
  • 100% said the program gave them ideas of ways to help others
  • 94% said the program showed them they have talents to help others
  • 88% said they would invite friends to become Global Game Changers

For teachers, the program found strong agreement on the program’s

  • Impact on student motivation to help others
  • Alignment with Core Content
  • Impact on student engagement
  • Development of a positive classroom climate
  • Support of conflict resolution

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