OGO Jar Partnership

To Participate:

1.) Fill out FORM to order OGO JARS. Free delivery to Louisville/Jefferson County locations.

2.) Click here to download the lesson PDF.

Global Game Changers has partnered with the Kentucky Derby Festival to create the 2020 KDF Partnership lesson to empower students to give back. The lesson includes a guide for implementing the OGO J.A.R. (O Great One, Jackpot of Acknowledgement and Recognition), an educational tool created by former Yum! Brands CEO, David Novak.

The Kentucky Derby Festival is the largest volunteer effort in our city and the volunteers are who makes the magic and celebrations happen. Together GGC and KDF are encouraging you and your students to recognize all the amazing acts of compassion that volunteers are completing for the whole Louisville community.  This is the chance to help your students show they value the volunteer who might help them in their classroom, their school, their neighborhood, or their city. Using the OGO J.A.R.s, students will write notes of appreciation and gratitude to a volunteer, in an effort to learn about the power volunteerism has on the community.

Simply download the KDF lesson directly from this page, and be sure to send a request form to receive an OGO J.A.R. for your classroom. You can find more exciting GGC lessons by registering at www.globalgamechangers.org.

Through the distribution of OGO J.A.R.s in 2018, students felt empowered to practice recognition in their own lives. The project was facilitated in 180 public, private, and independent school across Louisville/Jefferson County, where over 115,000 K-12 students recognized the efforts of 6,500 educational staff.

“The Power of Recognition,” documents the implementation from start to finish, beginning with 3 tractor-trailers delivering donated OGO J.A.R.s and concluding with touching moments of school staff receiving these notes of recognition from students. In particular, the story delves into the positivity promoted throughout Rangeland Elementary School and duPont Manual High School when students recognized staff members.

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We want to ask the simple and powerful question “Who would you recognize?”