Support the GGC Arts Badge with a Fun Tonys Watch Party

Support the GGC Arts Badge with a Fun Tony’s Watch Party


Parents of Drama Queens and Kings rejoice! Check out our all-inclusive guide to hosting the perfect TONY Awards party for kids!

As all young theatre fans know, Tony season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a TONY themed party? Roll out the red carpet on Broadway’s big night with a festive kid-friendly get together that is low on stress and high on theatre themed style. We have outlined everything you need for your own private viewing party below!

TONY Awards Sunday, June 12, 2016 on CBS at 8:00PM EST


Former Miss America Heather French Henry shares her crown with Global Game Changers
Former Miss America 2000 Heather French Henry shares her crown with Global Game Changers


Send out invites that look like Broadway tickets, the cover of a Playbill or even an actor or actress casting call. The more creative your invitations are the better!


What you encourage your guests to wear is all up to you! If you are watching the TONY awards live, maybe having your guests arrive in their pajamas would be more appropriate. Or, all the aspiring Broadway stars, might have fun if they come in costume as their favorite Broadway character And, of course, If you are envisioning a glamorous “red carpet” affair, encourage your small guests to wear their most elegant gala dress-up attire!

2016-03-16 16.51.42
Former Miss America 2000 Heather French Henry crowns a Global Game Changer.


  • Lots of red, gold and black will set the tone for your elegant affair.
  • Help your tiny stars feel like they are being transported to Broadway. Consider posting New York Broadway street signs or Theatre District signs on hallways or doorways.
  • Who wouldn’t love to strut down a glamorous red carpet? Have your little stars arrive and walk down a red carpet upon arrival.
  • Set up tables near the red carpet with several disposable cameras so that the “paparazzi” can document the stars as they arrive! Including Broadway themed props, such as a TONY Award trophy, a Playbill frame or a feather boa, would also encourage the guests to strike their best pose for the camera.
  • Set up a photo booth for a memorable take home from the glamorous evening. Possible themed backgrounds could be a stage, or a Playbill image.


TONY Nominated Musicals Awesome Themed FOOD Ideas!

We’ve found some tasty treats that will make your kiddos sing. All of these recipes are themed around the Tony nominated musicals! From “School of Rock” Candy for those with a sweet tooth to the healthier “Shuffle Along:” I’m Just Wild About Berries, there are food puns and recipes that everyone can enjoy! So grab your kids, crank up your favorite cast album and sashay into the kitchen for some family fun courtesy of!

TONY nominated musicals:

Makin-It-Graphic“School of Rock” Candy

“Bright Star” Star-Shaped Mac-N-Cheese

“Ham-ilton” and Cheese Sliders

“Shuffle Along” I’m Just Wild About Berries

“Waitress” Blueberry Pie Bites 

arts_badge_finalTONY ACTIVITIES!

There is plenty of time to squeeze in some TONY themed activities during the event’s commercials.

  • Teach your guests a musical number. Getting everyone up and moving will be a blast!
  • Hold a mock casting call. Your guests could take turns auditioning for a part in a well-known Broadway production. We would suggest monologues such as Anne, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Seussical or The Sound of Music! If you are feeling especially adventurous have your guests use the monologues as a form of charades.
  • Bingo is always a hit! Create your own Broadway themed bingo and play throughout the evening while guests watch the Awards.
  • Help your guests get crafty by providing materials for them to make their own mask. These can be lifelike or abstract, but should be made using their imagination. Paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, ribbon, pom-poms, sequins, felt, paint, markers, fabric, cardboard, silk flowers, yarn and other materials could be provided to encourage your guests to get their creative juices flowing!

We hope your glamorous shindig is a success! Comment below and let us know your ideas for a kid-friendly TONY themed party!

One of these days (soon), we hope, you will be cheering for the Global Game Changers Superhero Alliance “Discover Your Superpower” Musical to win a TONY, but for this year, check out these awesome videos centered around each of one of this year’s TONY nominees! Check them out and let us know which is your favorite!