School Empowerment Zones

GGC’s commitment to our hometown of Louisville, KY.

Revolutionary: involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.

A SEZ is a collaboration between GGC, a committed JCPS school partner, and significant external community organizations who band together under one comprehensive framework to develop and support a sustainable school-based community where the school is the nucleus of the program.

The goal is to make a revolutionary difference in the lives of the students we serve using the GGC Social Emotional Learning umbrella for an implementation that includes in-school, out-of-school and family support based on the specific needs of each individual school.

SEZ is an integrated approach to education that nurtures a positive climate and culture and embeds it into the school community where it can grow and flourish beyond through students who are socially, emotionally and academically prepared to excel beyond elementary school.

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GGC For Your School

Funding for this program is limited to Accelerated Improvement Schools (AIS) in the Jefferson County Public Schools (KY) system.

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Program in Action!

Community Collaboration

Title 1 Schools

GGC works with Title 1 schools principals who are committed to improving the lives of their students. They identify students who would best benefit from an intentional and immersive social-emotional learning program. We remove all barriers to participation like cost and transportation and intentionally engage with the school staff and student’s family to support a continuum of GGC culture and climate.

Community Partnerships

A key component to the success of our program is our extended community partnerships. Through Serve KY AmeriCorps, we engage direct service Educators and partner with University of Louisville to support our evaluation protocol and provide interactive student field experiences. AmeriCorps VISTA builds sustainable capacity by helping to integrate our BLOCS and Dare to Care support into the program and our School Empowerment Zone (SEZ) wraparound services model into the schools we serve.


Without the generous support of our funders, who believe in the importance of our work and our ability to implement it effectively and efficiently, this collaborative community program would not be possible. Our goal is to create a sustainable model to positively impact the trajectory or the students we serve. Global Game Changers is a grateful steward of the resources our funders provide.

V.V Cooke Foundation