Meet the 2023 Ignite Good! Challenge Winners

Global Game Changers Announces Winners of the 2nd Annual IGNITE GOOD!® Challenge for Students Pre-K Through 5th Grade

IGNITE GOOD!® Challenge Rewards Excellence in Student-Designed Service Projects

Student projects combat bullying, target anxiety, and welcome refugees

Louisville, KY, May 17, 2022 – Global Game Changers (GGC), a national nonprofit organization providing service and talent-based social, emotional, and leadership curricula for pre-K through 5th grade students, announces the winners of the 2nd annual IGNITE GOOD!® Challenge. After implementing the GGC curriculum, students put their unique Superpower Equation (MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER!®) into action by completing a service project that combines their talents with a cause close to their heart.

The superhero winners are Ryanne Squibb of North Carolina (Individual), King Elementary 5th Grade of Kentucky (Single Grade Group) and Lowe Elementary STLP students of Kentucky (Mixed-Grade Group). Each of these students was asked to present their service project in a video accompanied by a PowerPoint slide document following the GGC philosophy of the organization’s Superpower Equation. This announcement comes on May 18, GGC’s newly established national Kids IGNITE GOOD! Day. Winners will be presented with their prizes before the end of the 2022-2023 school year.Visit the GGC website to learn more.

The honorees are recognized for their excellence and are awarded with prizes for themselves (individuals) and their classroom/school (individuals and groups). The prizes are funded by the V.V. Cooke Foundation and David Novak Leadership. The IGNITE GOOD!® Challenge entries were submitted by teachers across the country in the GGC educator portal.

Criteria for judging included:

  • Creativity: How has the student expressed individuality and creativity in the project?
  • Planning: How effectively and comprehensively did the student plan the project?
  • Execution: How meaningful and effectively did the student execute the project?
  • Impact: What impact did the project have on the student or the community they helped?
  •  Presentation: How effective was their PowerPoint deck and video in explaining their project?

Check out these amazing students’ videos to hear how they’re Igniting Good!®:

Ms. Williams’ 5th Grade

King Elementary
Mixed Grade Group
Louisville, KY

MY HEART: Bullying
Creating a video about the effects of bullying and how to be a ¨Bully Buster¨.

Ryanne Squibb

Fayetteville, NC

MY TALENT: Crafting
MY HEART: Education
MY SUPERPOWER: Creating and giving out worry worms to help kids relieve testing anxiety.

STLP Students

Lowe Elementary
Mixed Grade Group
Louisville, KY

MY HEART: Human Rights
Making art to celebrate global cultures and diversities in our school and to show kindness to people of different cultures, especially refugees, in our community.