Fun at Kindergarten Countdown!

This summer, the Global Game Changers are partnering with the City of Louisville, local businesses, and nonprofits to help kids get ready for kindergarten!  Through the Kindergarten Countdown program, kids get to visit learning and community sites all around Louisville, Kentucky.  All future kindergarteners have received a Global Game Changers Passport to Your Heart, which they can get stamped at each location.  The goal is for these incoming kindergarteners to get as many stamps as they can throughout the summer months and then to bring their completed passport to the finale event at the Louisville’s Slugger Field in August for a chance to win GGC’s Superhero Prizes. 

We have had so much fun meeting the kiddos who have come out to these events with their parents and grandparents.  They like to tell us where they’re going to school in the fall – many children tell us a school, but some get to the heart of the matter and simply tell us “Kindergarten! 

We’ve already been to the Frazier History Museum, Walden Theatre, the Northeast YMCA, Stage One Theatre, and the Louisville Zoo, and there are many, many more fun destinations on the passport!  It’s a great opportunity to find out about the learning opportunities in our city outside of the classroom.

The Kindergarten Countdown coordinators and sponsors have been very excited because so many kids and their families have turned out for the events we’ve had so far – some families even do two events in one day!  We are beginning to recognize some repeat visitors, and we encourage all future kindergarteners to come out to future events.  It’s not too late to start getting your stamps!  Passports with the most stamps will be entered to win a Make Me a Superhero Activity Kit, and we’ll have other opportunities to win throughout the summer!

If you have a Kindergartener and are traveling around for Kindergarten Countdown, make sure to say hi to the GGC team (Jan, Kristy, Anne, or our intern Theo) and get your passport stamped!  We have extra passports if you’ve lost yours, too.  Don’t worry! 

We’ll be excited to see all of you at Slugger Field in August for the fun and festivities!