Last month the Global Game Changers had the privilege of hosting an event at the always-gorgeous Pottery Barn Kids store in Louisville, Kentucky’s Oxmoor Mall. This event was a huge hit! Nationwide on Sunday, October 21st , Pottery Barn Kids stores held a Superhero Cape Making Workshop! I know what you’re thinking. My kids and I were thinking it too. What a good idea: every child wants to be a superhero, right?

Of course! Katie, the amazingly wonderful manager at the Louisville store invited the GGC superhero team to join in the fun too. We were honored! Here’s a quick event summary. First, the kids exercised their very own superhero powers to “Ignite Good!” by coloring Get Well Soon cards that we explained would be given to a local children’s hospital. They were so excited about this idea and we ended up with some beautiful cards! Then, the cape making started. The kids received boxes that included felt capes with all sorts of colorful shapes for them to use to decorate their new superhero costume. Last, Jan, our wonderful co-author of the award winning GGC storybook, read to the children and invited them to take their pictures with the cardboard character cut-outs of Little Big-Heart, Global Girl and Pixel!

Everyone at this event had so much fun, including my little one. Addie, my 6 year-old, set up shop in the back of the store

where they have the girl’s play kitchen and table set. We laid out additional cards and crayons for other kids that weren’t attending the event to color while their parent’s shopped. Addie, already quite the salesperson herself, recruited lots of little superheroes that day and colored some pretty cute cards of her own!

I must admit that being a mom of two little ones and helping launch a new product line just for kids can be pretty cool! Not only was it a joy to watch the children have fun at the event, but I have to believe that the GGC team planted some supersized ideas in lots of little superheroes heads that day.

We’re looking forward to our next event at Pottery Barn Kids in Louisville on black Friday, November 23rd at 3PM and 4PM! If you live close by, please join us….Every child wants to be a superhero, right?  

-Kristy Schmitt (aka Mama Iz)

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