Every kid (or kid-at-heart) has a unique superpower to make the world a better place.
Using GGC’s Superpower Equation, combine
MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER to discover just how YOU can make a difference! 

Your talent is something that you’re good at or something that you like to do.  Maybe you like to bake, give compliments, or play sports?  That’s your talent!

Your heart is something that you care about. Maybe you care about lost pets?  That’s the animals heart badge!  Maybe you care about firefighters?  That’s rescue!

What’s YOUR talent?

What’s YOUR heart?

Finally, combine your talent and your heart to discover your
superpower! For example, if your talent was baking and your heart was arts, your superpower could be baking cakes to celebrate local art teachers!  If your talent was sports and your heart was rescue, your superpower could be organizing pick-up games to fundraise for local volunteer EMS workers.

It’s time to discover – what’s YOUR superpower?