Mamas in Toyland

Mamas Toyland

Awhile ago, we Mamas packed it up and headed to The Big Apple.  We had things to do, places to go, people to see.  We met with lawyers, publicists, and website designers.  We visited Rockstar and got to see what the preliminary drawings of our Global Game Changers looked like before they became what they are today.  We spent hours brainstorming about the company, our brands, our products, and our presence.

Needless to say, we drank a lot of coffee.

But one of the highlights of the trip was our voyage to FAO Schwartz.  The be-all, end-all, ultimate toy store.

We were there on research duty, mind you, but you can’t help having some stars in your eyes.  Even Mama Ben got into the act when we were browsing in baby dolls after our work was done.

Our work stop was the Children’s Book section.  We wanted to see what type of children’s books the iconic toy store chooses to grace its shelves.  We figured we could glean some information that would be helpful as we market and publicize our book.  We also discussed whether the book should sparkle.  We decided it already sparkled metaphorically, and it didn’t need to sparkle literally.

We also checked out the plush toys.  Lions, tigers, bears, oh my!  And centipedes, armadilloes, and birds.  We all decided, Pixel, Global Girl, and Little Big-Heart would fit right in one day!

While we were there, Rockstar made some friends…or rather reconnected with some old friends.

And we couldn’t miss a trip to see the big piano.  We all love that classic scene in Big.  But I think these guys might do it even better than Tom Hanks.

Hungarian Rhapsody on FAO Schwartz Piano

And after that, it was off downstairs.  Any mama can tell you that what you need after four cups of caffeinated beverages is…CANDY!  All four of us have crazy sweet tooths.  Mama Gigi, who was holding down the fort at home, isn’t quite as sugar-crazy as we are, so she wasn’t there to hold us back.  Mama Iz and Rockstar picked up some Sour Patch kids.  Mama Ben grabbed some Runts and some Cherry Bombs (and even got a bag for Papa Willby, because they used to eat them together when he was little).  I held myself off from the chocolate, but only with an extreme demonstration of willpower.  And soon after that, it was time to leave toyland.