See Everyone As Super: Great Big Cape Award

Seeing others as Super is one of the many ways Superheroes can defeat Global Game Changers archenemy Krumi, a dark cloud that spreads apathy. Helping kids recognize the super in others is what we do, but we could not do it without our own amazing team of SUPERHEROES.

We have writers, educators, graphic designers, photographers, and so many more individuals who get things done!

To recognize our staff, we have the Great Big Cape Award, where we use a giant cape to give each other Superhero Shoutouts. The current cape holder picks the next person to recognize and adds a short message to the cape explaining what the recipient did to deserve the cape.

It can be something as simple as being a sounding board for someone, or rocking out some amazing curriculum ideas, or keeping spirits in the office high.

Pictured here is Great Big Cape Award recipient, Jessica Sears, who knocked it out of the park with creative social posts, blog posts, and helping with some amazing grant writing.

We love that our staff share their talents with us just like we ask the kids to share their talents with the world, so it is always amazing to recognize them for all the hard work.

What do you do to recognize your team, do you have a way to give Superhero Shoutouts to your team? Making a point to See the Super in your team is how we work to be more empowered, more compassionate, and more successful as a team!