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Life as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the Global Game Changers Family

Tylar Setser showing her GGC spirit!
Tylar Setser showing her GGC spirit!

The time has come that we have posted our opportunities to become an AmeriCorps VISTA with our Global Game Changers team for the 2015-2016 service year! Check them out at with brief descriptions on what exactly the positions offered entail and a little information on the AmeriCorps Benefits of service. The application deadline is May 8th and the term of service will begin in July after your three day trip (all expenses paid) to Atlanta, GA for Pre-Service Orientation. There, you’ll meet other VISTAS from around the country who are preparing to serve in the non-profit sector as well!

VISTA Anna Melnykovych striking a superhero pose.
VISTA Anna Melnykovych striking a superhero pose.

So you may be wondering what exactly VISTA life entails and what service with the Global Game Changers family is all about so we asked our VISTAS just that! Our VISTA Ian describes his service as “Fulfilling, impactful and absolutely a learning experience. It’s difficult to really understand or see the impact you’re directly making day to day, but ultimately the children we are serving are truly getting a lot out of the Global Game Changers Program. Our job is to make sure the program is as effective as possible and seeing children get excited to learn about compassion, helping others and giving back to our community is a really awesome thing to be a part of. We’re helping cultivate compassion in our future generations and that’s a pretty great thing to say that I got to help create.”

Of course, we also do more work within the Global Game Changers office to help build support and sustainability for the organization. We work to develop community programs, and build social media and community outreach. We have gained experience in recruiting volunteers, fundraising initiatives, grant writing and more. Life as a VISTA is challenging, but rewarding and comes with a lot of perks. At times it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of our service, but ultimately we know that we are cultivating greater equality in our community. Working with the Global Game Changers creates the opportunity to build experience in the non-profit sector and learn real world skills that will be applicable for long term success. If you’re interested in being a part of something bigger than yourself, working at the grassroots level and cultivating compassion in our city then becoming an AmeriCorps VISTA might just be for you!

If you’re already working or are still in school, you can also get involved as a volunteer! Sign up by filling out the form on the Volunteer Opportunities page.

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Tylar Setser is serving with the Global Game Changers team as an AmeriCorps VISTA. She’s finishing up her senior year at the University of Louisville and plans to continue her work in the nonprofit sector once she graduates. Tylar is dedicated to building communities and improving the quality of life for everyone she comes into contact with! Her favorite part about the GGC program is that “it teaches our youth a fundamental lesson that is so easily forgotten in our day to day lives and that is to respect, serve and live compassionately towards others. Kindness is a beautiful thing and the sooner our children begin to think creatively in how they can give back in ways that are as unique and original as they are, the better! And that’s exactly what the GGC curriculum does.”


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