Meet GGC's Newest National Ambassador, Julia DeSerio from Georgia!

Change behavior. Empower leaders.

Service Learning And Talent Development Curriculum To Build Social, Emotional, And Leadership Skills For Pre-K – 5th Grade.

Our Program

  • Transformative fully developed & differentiated by grade
  • For any educational setting: school, home school, out-of-school time
  • Teaching videos, power points, worksheets, and activities
  • Online professional development and evaluation tools
  • Nurtures culture, climate, and community

Our National Ambassadors

Hannah Harvey

4th Grade Teacher
North Carolina

Amber Nichols

Kindergarten Teacher
West Virginia

Lexe Niekamp

Dance Educator

Julia DeSerio

Music Coordinator

What's the Impact?

GGC has been a solid foundation for helping Byck Elementary change the trajectory of our students …GGC helps teach the critical foundational skills that ensure a safe, equitable, and compassionate learning environment exists.


I see the impact on the interactions between students in my classroom every day. I say it a lot,  but I really do love  the GGC curriculum and teaching it every day. The positive relationships and student talents I see each day make me smile and want to come to work EVERY day.


Great value, not just day to day, but as a broader vision by providing our elementary kids…advocacy to exploring who they are. It is a mind shift that deepens their impression / connection to the world. [GGC] provides students increases over their own efficacy.


It's all free.

Thanks to David Novak Leadership, Global Game Changers Student Empowerment Program is available nationwide at no cost to in-school and out-of-school educators. David Novak Leadership believes in developing better leaders at every stage of life. They are committed to reducing our leadership gap by supporting an education pipeline that spans from early childhood through career.

Teach kids about the events of 9/11 with project based lessons, virtual galleries, interactive games, and service projects.

National Kids Ignite Good Day is May 18! Engage kids in simple acts to make the world a better place. Visit our resources!

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