An intro to the program through The Global Game Changers storybook.  Kids learn about a team of fictional superheroes: their leader, Global Girl, her recruiter-in-chief, Little Big-Heart, and their trusty dog Pixel. This alliance recruits real-life kids, who are Igniting Good! to join them. Along the way they encounter and battle Krumi, a dark cloud who represents apathy.

12 Heart Badges

The goal of these lessons is to help children discover where their heart lies, and which cause they would like to champion.  These flexible lesson plans can be taught in any order during the program.

Talent Discovery

A lesson that helps children investigate their talents. We teach children that a talent can be anything they like to do or are good at doing, and that you don’t have to be the star soccer player or straight-A student to have a talent you can use to help others. Everyone has a unique talent that they can use to Ignite Good! and change the world. 

Final Celebration

Superpower Badge

A final celebration in which children complete their Superpower Equations and are motivated to put those equations into action.

Service Project Toolkit

Group and individual service project toolkits extend the learning process and allow interested teachers and/or motivated children to take what they have learned in the Global Game Changers program and move to the next step.

The Global Game Changers is proud to have signed the International Charter for Compassion and to have adopted a resolution to become a Compassionate Organization.

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