Using a sustainable and high quality in-school learning program, Global Game Changers provides public and independent schools with the common-core compliant tools they need to impact a generation of school-aged superheroes to change the world.


Schools of Philanthropy teach students about the value of giving back and making the world a better place as part of their normal school day. The program strives to provide teachers with a tool to distinguish students’ individual gifts and skills, to hone student emotional skills, and to develop the whole student. Each Common Core State Standards compliant grade level appropriate Toolkit builds on the GGC lessons of compassion, service, empathy and kindness from year to year, but is effective as a single grade level implementation as well. This innovative program creates a sustainable connection with the lessons learned and helps ensure continued engagement in service beyond the end of the program. The flexible CCSS lessons integrate seamlessly into existing courses of study enhancing teacher’s instruction.

Class activities consist of engaging and enriching lessons, presentations by guest speakers, and opportunities for the kids to participate in community engagement. GGC lesson plans and materials promote in-depth explorations into compassion, civic engagement and social-emotional learning, as well as self-compassion, mindfulness and nutrition.