Combining innovative curriculum with a vital cultural asset, Global Game Changers provides at-risk students with needed after school enrichment serving as a 21st Century skills paradigm to promote compassion based education and civic engagement that can create systemic change.


The Global Game Changers and the Muhammad Ali Center, whose closely aligned missions to empower youth with the tools for a successful life, are collaborating to pilot a high quality out-of-school time expanded learning opportunity that will have a lifelong impact on our community’s most underserved population. Believing that out-of-school time presents a unique opportunity to change a child’s life, our goal is to specifically address inequities caused, in part, by the 6,000-hour “enrichment gap” experienced by lower income and minority families by the time they reach 6th grade. This gap, which compounds the “achievement gap,” puts these young people even further behind their well-advantaged peers through inequalities created by lack of access to extracurriculars, enrichment, and parent interaction. The program is evaluated and measured for impact and efficacy in partnership with Metro United Way BLOCS and the University of Louisville. Check out a video explaining the enrichment gap here.

Global Game Changers is thrilled to be working with AmeriCorps and the Kentucky State Service Commission to bring highly-trained volunteers to serve as teachers and implementers of our In-Residence Program.

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