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Our Story

In 2010, Jan Helson and Rachel Annette Helson co-wrote the book “Philanthropy: A Big Word For Big Hearted People.” Rachel, at age 15, after finding out that four aunts had been diagnosed with breast cancer, began producing theatrical benefits to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and prevention. Rachel’s experience using her talent to help her heart cause is what inspired the creation of the Global Game Changers.

Their idea was to create a sustainable culture of compassion amongst ALL youth around the globe through an education curriculum that nurtures a lifetime of giving back and inspires our youngest citizens to be catalysts for change in the world by combining their talent and their heart to create their very own superpower. They wanted to grow a young generation of kids who embrace IGNITE GOOD!®

In 201 3, Global Game Changers Children’s Education Initiative, was created by Jan and Rachel, with the release of a  storybook called “The Global Game Changers.” At the end of The Global Game Changers book there is a call to action for the reader to be inspired to join the Alliance and IGNITE GOOD!® in their own communities. 

“The launching pad for our program is a storybook that introduces a team of fictional superheroes whose leader, Global Girl, her sidekick, Little Big-Heart, and their trusty dog Pixel recruit real-life kids, who are doing good things for others without expecting anything in return, to join their alliance. Along the way they encounter and battle Krumi, a dark cloud, who represents apathy. We use superheroes in our curriculum because they are fun and engaging, and because superheroes have a reputation for coming to the aid of people, which is the very lesson we are trying to teach children. We illustrate that one doesn’t have to be a billionaire, have been bitten by a radioactive spider, or born on the planet Krypton to be a superhero with the power to save the world.”

While cultivating social-emotional and leadership skills, Jan and Rachel hope the GGC curriculum inspires a young generation of givers around the globe, who can answer the question, “What’s your favorite way of giving back?” just as easily as they could tell you their favorite school subject, sport, or game. Research shows that the young citizens who learn about and engage in giving back will grow to be happier, healthier, more successful, and more compassionate older citizens. In school and out-of-school classrooms provide a consistent vehicle for making the program available for all children. They hope to empower future generations of Superheroes!

In 2019, Global Game Changers aims to expand its impact through the launch of an Online Educator Portal. Thanks to a million dollar grant from Lift a Life Foundation, educators nationwide will have access to all of GGC’s curricula and program tools. And, in an effort to become self-sustaining, GGC is premiering a new children’s television show, Cape Kids, that aligns with its curriculum.