Ignite Good! Challenge

Submit student Superpower projects to our national competition.

You and your students have been working hard all year to discover their Superpowers and put them into action. We want to celebrate and honor that hard work with our Ignite Good!® Challenge. A panel of judges will select individual and group winners from each age group, with cash prizes to winners and their schools/classrooms. Limited to educators who have joined the Educator Portal on or before 12/31 of the challenge year.

Quick Info

  • Submissions must be made by educators registered by 12/31/22 on the Global Game Changers Educator Portal
  • Submissions must only include students in grades K – 5
  • Group and individual projects are welcome
  • Educators may submit as many projects as they want; however, individual students may only be submitted once (either as an individual or member of a group)
  • Submissions will be divided into groups based on grade level (K-1/2-3/4-5) and group vs. individual project
  • Groups representing multiple grade levels will be placed in the grade level group of the oldest member.
  • Judging will be completed on the following categories:
    • Creativity
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Impact
    • Presentation Elements

In order to be eligible, all submissions must include the completed form by the educator, plus at least one of the following:

  • PDF (Google  PowerPoint) presentation completed by the student(s) and submitted by the educator
  • Video of no more than 3 minutes completed by the student(s) and submitted by the educator

Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern time on Monday, May 8th

Students will be judged against students of like grade levels.

Group winners are eligible for donations of $500 to their school/classroom.
Individual winners are eligible for donations of $1000 to their school/classroom PLUS $500 for the individual.

Note: Home/family schools are not eligible for the school/classroom donation.

Submit Now Through Monday, May 8.

For Individual Projects

For Group Projects




To the student’s school/classroom To the winning student.


To the student’s school/classroom.

How to Submit

What Students Do:

  1. Create an amazing Superpower service project.
  2. Explain that project in presentation save/export to PDF.  Google  PowerPoint
  3. Show us what you did in a video of no more than 3 minutes.

What Educators Do:

  1. Support your students’ Superpower service projects.
  2. Fill out a form.
  3. Upload students’ video and presentations to this Dropbox link.

Judging Rubric


How has the student expressed individuality and creativity in the project?


How effectively and comprehensively did the student plan the project?


How meaningfuly and effectively did the student execute the project?


What impact did the project have on the student(s) and/or recipient(s)?


How effective are the slide deck and video in explaining the project?

The Fine Print

  • Submitting educators must have joined the Educator Portal no later than 12/31 of the year prior to the Challenge.
  • Educators may submit multiple students, but may not submit a single student for multiple projects.
  • Group projects that cross the judging categories will be placed and judged in the category of the oldest group member.
  • Submissions must include at least the submission form AND either slide deck or video.
  • Home/family schools are not eligible for the cash prize to schools (they are still eligible for the other prizes).
  • Winners will be notified on Monday, May 16th to participate in a public announcement on May 18th.