For many places, students have learned they will not be going back to school this year. This news might elicit many different emotions. Identify and share them here, and create an art piece that will help yourself and others consider how you feel about not going back to school this year.

School’s Out for COVID

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Social-Emotional, Arts & Crafts, Service K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Discuss how you feel about the end of school and create an art piece about it to share with teachers/classmates.

Activity Prep Materials GGC Heart Badges

Pencil, Blank paper, Art supplies

Education, General


  • EXPLAIN: Many students have learned that they will not be going back to school this spring. This might make you feel a lot of emotions.
  • DISCUSS: What feelings are you feeling? It’s okay if you’re feeling more than one.
    • For example, you might be excited that you get to learn at home but sad that you don’t get to see your classmates again.
    • Create a t-chart, with one side labeled “good” and one side labeled “bad.”
    • In the correct column, write or draw some things that are good/bad about not going back to school.
    • Share your t-chart with another person at home and explain each item, why you put that item, and how you feel about it.
      • Consider words like: disappointed, relieved, lonely, excited, frustrated, determined, worried, optimistic, unsure, understanding, apathetic, compassionate.
    • EXPLAIN: No matter how you’re feeling, the people at your school will miss seeing your face until you’re able to go back next year. So today, we’re going to work on a project to show them what you’ll miss, too. Art can be a good way to share and let out your feelings, whatever they might be!


  • DISCUSS: What are the ways that you can connect with your teachers/classmates?
    • Is it through video calls?
    • Can you email them?
    • Can you reach out on social media?
  • EXPLAIN: Today, we are going to create an art piece that will make people smile and share that you miss them.
    • Think about what you can make to show your teachers/classmates that you miss them. Consider these questions:
      • What was your inspiration?
      • What do you want people to take away from viewing your artwork?
      • How does your artwork help you feel better or help others feel better about not going back to school this year?
    • Use a pencil and paper to sketch out a plan for what you will do.
    • Think about the ways that you can connect with your teachers/classmates so you can share your art piece.
    • Gather the art supplies you’ll need.
    • Create your art piece.
    • Share it and encourage others to share art or feelings about not going back to school.


    • What are ways that you can continue to learn even if you’re not in your classroom?
    • What are ways you can continue to connect with classmates even when you’re not in school?
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