COVID spotlighted challenges we still face as a country. How will you raise your voice for human rights?

Raise Your Voice

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Raise your voice to make a difference for human rights.

Activity Prep Materials GGC Heart Badges


Blank paper, Pencil, Markers/Crayons

Human Rights, Health


  • EXPLAIN: Coronavirus, and the steps we have taken to stop it, might seem like it has stopped the world sometimes. But life goes on, and the problems that existed before quarantine and social distancing still exist today. In some cases, time apart may have helped improve some problems, and highlight others.


    • What is a problem that you wanted to solve before COVID-19?

    • How (if at all) has that problem changed during this time?

  • EXPLAIN: You may feel restricted about what you can do and how you can work to solve problems, but Global Game Changers are thoughtful and creative.

  • DISCUSS: While staying safe, and healthy…

    • How can you use your voice to solve problems?

    • How can you use your actions to solve problems?

  • EXPLAIN: Today, we are going to investigate old and new, creative ways to solve problems by raising your voice in support of human rights.


  • EXPLAIN: Social media has allowed people to connect with causes they care about. You can find individual accounts you agree with or explore hashtags that connect people together.  Be aware, however, that social media and hashtags can also be used by people who don’t speak honestly, who spread apathy, and who don’t want to Ignite Good! So talk to an adult or look up the real facts when you think about hashtag/social media activism.

  • INSTRUCT: Visit this website to learn about different hashtag activist movements: 

  • EXPLAIN: Another way people have worked to raise their voices for human rights is through protest.  Protests express disapproval with the way things are and suggest change, and individuals have continued to join protests in safe ways. 

  • INSTRUCT: Learn more about protests in the United States and around the world here:

  • EXPLAIN: You can also problem solve with your actions. There’s a grown-up saying that you can vote with your wallet. This isn’t exactly true, but it is true that you can choose where to spend your money or your time. Businesses and organizations depend on you and other people to keep going and keep buying. A lot of people visiting a business can help it grow; a lot of people leaving a business to go somewhere else can help it fail.

  • DEFINE: Boycott: to stop a relationship with an organization or business as a punishment or protest against the politics or opinions of the organization/business

  • DISCUSS: Is there a business – like a restaurant, play area, or shop – that you go to that you want to see succeed or fail? Why?

  • EXPLAIN: These are just a few ways people have worked to solve problems, but I’m sure you can come up with even more creative ways.


    • Think about a problem you want to solve.

    • Learn more about the problem you want to solve by researching, reading, and listening. Reflect on how YOU think it is best to solve the problem.

    • Review the different ways we presented to raise your voice for your problem and consider which one (or many) is right for you.

    • Explore something you can do right now – that we didn’t mention – that you can do right now to work toward solving a problem.

    • Write down your plan to join others in solving the problem in a COVID-19 safe way.

    • Create at least one item that will kick-off your work:

      • Hashtag Activism: Choose a social media platform and create a post for the cause you care about.

      • Protest: Design a protest sign for your cause.

      • Business Patronage: Write  a letter encouraging others to support or boycott a business and tell them why.


  • DISCUSS: Why is it important to raise our voice and defeat Krumi even during a pandemic?

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