We have a mission: To unite students to Ignite Good!® through a service project thanking the superhero volunteers and individuals who are helping our community.

OGO POWER OF RECOGNITIon: LOok for the helpers

Lesson Type(s) Grade(s) Description
Service, Social-Emotional K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Create a virtual OGO J.A.R. for someone in your community making a difference for COVID-19.
Activity Prep Materials GGC Heart Badges
None. Internet access Health, Rescue, Veterans, General


  •  EXPLAIN: Global Game Changers wants you to recognize those who are helping during this health crisis.Right now there are SUPER volunteers who are  making a difference in our communities and are keeping us safe and ensuring we have our needs met. We are inviting students to give the volunteers and helpers a virtual thank you via the OGO J.A.R. (which stand for O Great One Jackpot of Acknowledgement and Recognition.)


    • What does it mean to be a helper?
    • What does it mean to be a volunteer?
  • EXPLAIN: Right now a lot of people are stepping up to make sure we support one another. Some helpers are shopping for their elderly neighbors, or packing breakfasts and lunches for families in need. Others are using their talents to help doctors and nurses in need by sewing them new face masks. As Mr. Rogers always said look for the helpers in times of need.
  • DISCUSS: Has anyone helped you or our family? How did they help?


  • CREATE a list of people who help our community that should be recognized for what they do to help making your city a better place.
  • SHARE an example:
    • MR. Smith should receive an OGO J.A.R. because he donates food to Dare to Care Food Pantries.
    • MRS. Doe should get an OGO J.A.R. because she calls our family to check in since we have to stay home.


  • BRAINSTORM: some words that can be used to describe what is nice about the selected volunteer write, and write them on the board.
  • INSTRUCT: WRITE or DRAW on the slips why you think the volunteer is Super.
  • GO TO: https://www.whosyourogo.com/the-ogo-jar to send a virtual jar to the special volunteer or helper.
  • SELECT: Create a virtual OGO J.A.R.
  • FILL: The J.A.R. with notes of acknowledgement and recognition
  • INVITE: Others to fill the virtual J.A.R too.
  • EMAIL: The J.A.R. to its intended recipient.


  • ASK: How does recognizing our community’s volunteers and helpers, make a difference during this health crisis?
The OGO J.A.R. (O Great One; Jackpot of Acknowledgement and Recognition) is an educational tool created by former Yum! Brands CEO, David Novak, who believes in the power of recognition to revitalize company and community culture
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