It’s difficult to stay close to home at all times, but you can enjoy resources and dream about your next vacation. Don’t hesitate to share your dreams with family and friends!

Dream Vacation

Lesson Type(s) Grade(s) Description
Language Arts. Service, Social Studies 3rd, 4th, 5th

Explore a city and create a dream destination presentation to share with others.

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Check out the sample presentation.

Computer, Internet access

Education, Human Rights, General


  • EXPLAIN: COVID-19 has got us all stuck in our houses staying away from other people. You may have planned to visit a new place, or maybe you’re just excited to be anywhere other than your house or your neighborhood. Well, we can’t travel but we can take advantage of some amazing resources that people have made available to feel like you are there.
  • DISCUSS: What is some place you’ve always wanted to visit and why?
  • EXPLAIN: Today, we’re going work on creating a virtual dream vacation that you can also share with other people who are feeling stuck at home.


  • INSTRUCT: Start your presentation. You can use a word document or a slideshow tool like PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi.
  • INSTRUCT: Start your presentation by answering these questions:
    • Where are you going?
    • What is the weather like?
    • What would you need to pack?
    • What language do they speak and, if it’s not your own, what are some key words?
    • What are the main things to do there.
  • INSTRUCT: Next, create a slideshow of images from where you’re traveling to.
    1. Visit Google Images:
    2. Put where you’re going in the search bar.
    3. Choose 5-10 pictures for your slideshow.
      • Right click (PC) or two-finger click (Apple) and select “Copy Image”
      • Go to your presentation and press Control/Command V to paste the image.
      • Make sure to note the website your picture came from and create a list of sources (you can do this by going back to Google Images and clicking like before, then selecting “Copy Link Address”).
      • Add a description of each image so people know what they’re looking at.
  • INSTRUCT: Next, see if you can find a video or virtual tour for a location or two in your destination. Paste the location’s name and the link to the video/tour it into the next slide of the presentation.
    • Optional: add your own commentary of what they should be sure to check out on a virtual tour.
  • INSTRUCT: Next, find a YouTube or other video of a piece of culture from your destination, like music, theater, dance, or art. Include the link, a picture, and a description in your slideshow.
  • INSTRUCT: Finally, research to find a recipe that represents the culture (or a culture) of your destination.
  • SHARE: Your presentation with members of your family, email it to friends, or make it publicly available.


  • DISCUSS: How can learning about a new place help build more respect for that place and the people who live there?
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