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Book reading in their comfy nook!

This past weekend, The Global Game Changers team visited Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, a toy store in Louisville, Kentucky (they have some other locations, too – maybe there’s one near you!).  We thought that the store was incredibly cute and we’re so happy to have our products there now – in fact, they have an absolutely perfect place to have book readings. It’s a corner nook with bean bag chairs and an old fashioned popcorn machine that dished into little popcorn bags for the kids to enjoy during the readings.  The kids really enjoyed all of theactivities that we had brought along, including some Thanksgiving cards that they decorated to send to elderly  at a local nursing home.

We were thankful that we got to visit Brilliant Sky as part of their celebration for Neighborhood Toy Store Day.  November 10th was the third annual “Neighborhood Toy Store Day” where families and independent retailers across the country celebrated the joy and wonder of shopping at their neighborhood toy store.  We agree with ASTRA President Kathleen McHugh, who said “Local toy stores add charm and character to neighborhoods across the country.”

Of course, if you need a new Barbie or a board game or a GI Joe, large chain toy stores are

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reliable and often cost-effective.  But sometimes, you need something a little bit more unique.  And that’s a great time to visit a neighborhood toy store.  They have tons of interesting and cutting-edge games, books, and toys.  If you are a trendsetter, or your child is, sometimes a neighborhood toy store is the best place to shop!

Also, neighborhood stores can often give you a very high level of service.  These people know their products because, oftentimes, they chose them!  Local toy stores visit trade shows and see the toys, books, and games in action.  They stock their stores with products they know their customers (read: you) will love!

The toys we saw at Brilliant Sky are fantastically fun! For example, the Flying Turtle is a “sit-skate” that zips along on the floor by swinging the handlebars from side to side. There is no motor, no batteries, and no pedaling. As they say, “It’s kid-powered!” Then there was the Quadrilla Basic Marble Set. This fun wood structure of tracks and blocks can be designed by the child and promises hours of fun. Of course, they also now carry the Global Game Changers products! Check out the display and hurry in to get your book and “Ignite Good!” superhero cape while they last.

Plus, the shopping experience is great!  At Brilliant Sky, there were paintings on the walls that show famous Louisville landmarks like Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger Museum as well as a tree house. The owner Leigh told us that every Brilliant Sky store in the country has their own tree house and each one is unique to that particular store. Here, they set up demo toys for the kids to play with while their parents are shopping. And from what we saw, parents and kids alike were loving the toy buying experience

 So, when you are doing your Christmas shopping this year, stop by a local toy store and check out the loot!  Who knows what you can find?
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