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We 3 mamas love working at a start-up company.  We feel challenged and interested every day that we come to work.  We hold the proverbial fire in our belly, wanting to get things done so that we can shepherd this young company, as we hope to shepherd our children, into prosperous and productive life and health.  We have been so encouraged by the success of our first two products, The Global Game Changers and The Booby Trap thus far.  And, just like our children, we want even more for them.

And while we come into work every day with smiles on our faces, sometimes we have experienced setbacks.  There was a learning process we didn’t anticipate.  A task took longer to complete than expected.  We were counted out of something for reasons given or not.  Did we stop?  Did we take no for an answer?

Well, in an ironic twist, the correct answer here is no.

We worked harder to achieve our goals.  We adjusted our plan to make room for new lessons.  We have tried to learn from our missteps and feel that we have grown stronger from it.  We took to heart: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

Keep at it.

This is not only a business lesson, but also a life lesson.  It’s something that our Global Game Changers can remember.  Sometimes a project doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.  Sometimes the problem you are trying to solve seems too big.  But if you keep on trying, you’re bound to learn and hopefully you’ll succeed.  We intentionally chose the phrase “Ignite Good!” for that brand.  All it takes is a small spark.  From there, with help, you can build a flame that will be seen around the world.

Take this year’s Olympic flame.  Made up of hundreds of small fires, it nevertheless lit the stadium.

So protect your light when it feels like it’s about to sputter out.  Get up, try again.  Who knows what you can accomplish?

And if you’re feeling low right now, take a lesson (as we Moms do) from Dory:

Just Keep Swimming