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One of the reasons that we at Pixel Entertainment and My 3 Moms have been so motivated to develop our book business is that this time is an explosive time for reading.  With the advent and widespread use of reading devices and tablets, people are engaging with books  in a variety of new ways.  We think that’s awesome!

Still, we acknowledge that there has been some debate surrounding the expansion of the market.  In some cases, storytelling has lost out to the opening of the floodgates.  Sometimes, this is due to a lack of expertise: not everyone can write a good book.  In fact, it’s awfully hard.  The authors of our two books can attest to that.  There’s a lot of tweaking that goes into writing, too, even when you’re convince that your story bones are good.  We here at My 3 Moms/Pixel Entertainment promise to provide you guys with great storytelling, always.

Some say that storytelling has also lost out to the book apps.  Those of you who aren’t parents of young children might be less familiar with these interactive books/games that come with a variety of bells and whistles.  Here’s an example: Moo Boo Lala Book App.

Some are reluctant to give up the traditional book experience, claiming that these book apps distract children from reading.  Julia Donaldson, author of the much-loved children’s book The Gruffalo, told a Guardian reporter that,

“There’s a button the child can press to make the neck stretch, and I thought, well, if the child’s doing that, they are not going to be listening or reading, ‘I wish my cat Dinah was here’ or whatever it says in the text – they’re just going to be fiddling with this wretched button.”

While we understand Ms. Donaldson’s issues with book apps, we think that there are some great reasons to embrace them.  Here are three:

  1. Book apps allow children to experience reading without the assistance of a parent. Despite a commitment to spend quality time with our children, reading and doing other activities, there is necessarily some time spent away from the child, when she has to amuse herself.  Book apps, which usually provide narration, allow young children to continue to have a reading experience without the parent present.  And we can all acknowledge the benefits of reading aloud to children.  Book apps might not accomplish this totally, but they help with a stopgap to continue to foster a love of reading.
  2. Book apps can give children a new way to engage with the book The best book apps out there not only give children an interactive experience, but they also deepen the message of the book with associated bells and whistles.  They build on the content of the book to give children a better understanding of the message.
  3. Book apps can make reading fun. If you have a reluctant reader in the house, perhaps book apps might be a good way to introduce him to reading.  He can interact with the story and see it come alive, and, by doing so, become interested in other books and book apps.

These are three reasons that The Global Game Changers will have a book app.  We hope that it inspires children to Ignite Good, read when they don’t want to, and find a love for reading (even when Mom or Dad isn’t around)!