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We at Pixel Entertainment have had such fun working with The Global Game Changers™ book and brand.  It’s been so cool to watch the project grow from infancy and black-and-white illustrations to the beautiful, colorful book that it is today.  And we were certainly excited when our first Ignite Good!™ Superhero Capes came in!  Who says that only kids can be Global Game Changer superheroes?  Of course, headquarters is their domain, but we enjoyed a moment of reversion into childhood with co-creator Rachel Annette Helson.  (And the child of one of our co-workers got into the act, too!)

And we have been excited over the past month to watch our Global Game Changers brand grow even further.  At Pixel, we want to make sure we give kids the tools they need to nurture their inner superheroes and Ignite Good™ every day.  The storybook was a good start, but we want to grow a generation of kids inspired to do good things without expecting anything in return.  So we are excited to announce that we have debuted some new products at the ABC Kids show taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, this week!

Our Superhero Alliance Membership Kit™ has everything a kid could need to continue on the path to becoming a Global Game Changer!  The kit includes a red Ignite Good Superhero Cape, a wristband, an iron-on badge, a CD of our theme song, “Welcome to the Game,” and a totally awesome new Superhero Mission Activity Book™.  It’s 56 pages of fun for little superheroes, jam-packed with word searches, dot-to-dots, coloring pages, mazes, and more cool stuff to do.  It also teaches children in a fun way about our 12 different Superhero Badges, and gives them ideas for how they can Ignite Good! to earn each different badge.

You should definitely be sure to check out the Superhero Alliance Membership Kit – it’s coming soon to stores!

The Global Game Changers brand, just like the superheroes inside, continues to grow and we couldn’t be more proud.  Stay tuned to learn more about how we continue to grow and how we’re working with schools to get children excited about Igniting Good!