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The Global Game Changers have been very impressed with Miss Hannah.  So impressed, in fact that they invited her into their Alliance.  This is because Hannah can see things that some grown-ups cannot.

Now, we all think of kids and their make-believe worlds.  But sometimes, children can see our world for what it is better than we can.  And that’s the case with Hannah.  One Thanksgiving, together with her mom and dad, 4-year-old Hannah helped serve dinner at a homeless shelter.  That’s an important service to provide, but Hannah took it one step further.

She actually looked at the people she was serving.  People who don’t often get a look in the eye.  And she noticed something.  She saw that one man had shoes that were split open and no socks.  She went to her mother.  “Mommy,” she asked, “won’t his feet be cold?”

Her mother, not wanting her young child to worry, told Hannah that his shoes would keep him warm.  Hannah was not this easily dissuaded.  She told her mom that the man could have her socks.

This one pair of socks grew into a mission for Hannah and her family.  They took socks to the shelter the next day, only to learn that socks and underwear were some of the items most needed and least donated.  They began Hannah’s Socks, a non-profit organization that donates new clothing essentials (including socks) to homeless  shelters throughout their area.

Maybe you can help Hannah reach her goal of giving away 225,000 pairs of socks this year!