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Did you know that November is National Philanthropy Month?  Well, it is, and we’re already celebrating with The Global Game Changers.  We want to give kids a fun and exciting way to learn about their power and responsibility to Ignite Good!  And in honor of this month, we’re making it easier for our customers to share the message.

National Philanthropy Month was first recognized as a single day devoted to celebrating philanthropy, November 15, in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.   Since then, it’s grown to a whole month and organizations around the country have events and fundraisers in honor of it!

We at Pixel think it’s very fitting to have National Philanthropy Month in November.  After all, it’s the same month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving where, we as a nation, give thanks for the plenty that we are able to have.  And then we’ll lead into the Christmas holiday season, which is the season of giving!

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Happy National Philanthropy Month!