Beat the Mondays: January 28th

Get Inspired

49ers Kaepernick Gives Back to Children with Heart Disease

Are you looking forward to watching the Super Bowl next weekend?  Have you got your snacks planned out and your DVR set to catch all the new commercials and the ridiculous halftime show?  We do, too!  But we were especially excited to learn about what 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick does to give back to kids with heart defects, thanks to CBS Sacramento.

Before Colin was adopted, his parents lost two boys at birth due to congenital heart disease. Now Colin works with Camp Taylor, which specializes in helping kids struggling with heart disease.  Go 49ers!

10-Year Old Giving Back to Calgary Hospital that Saved His Life

Cody, now 10, was born at just 24 weeks.  He wasn’t supposed to survive, and his twin brother didn’t.  But thanks to the hard work of the staff at Canada’s Alberta Children’s Hospital, Cody’s here today.  And because he is, he’s giving back!

“My goal is $4,000,” says Cody, who at the time of this writing had already raised close to that number. “Because it’ll save other kids’ lives.”

Good Neighbors Rally Around in Wintry Weather

Apparently, the weather in Gloucestershire, England, has been as bad as it has here!  Snow and other wintry weather has made it difficult for people to do everyday tasks.  But thanks to some wonderful people, everyone has made it through.

It is down to Mrs Price and her teams of householders to get out their wheelbarrows and spread salted grit from bins on minor lanes.

“Probably in each road about 20 people helped. Once a couple come out and start doing it everyone starts doing it,” she said.

Maybe you can get inspired to help people clear paths, driveways, and roads.  Or grab some things for a neighbor who can’t make it to the grocery store.  As you can see, goodness is catching!

What YOU Can Do

Now that you’re inspired by all these people doing good things, here are some great ideas to help you do good!

Do Good for Us, Do Good for You
Did you know that it was National Walk Your Dogs Month?  Well, neither did we!  But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the next few days in the month and do something to Ignite Good!, like Cathy McDaniel suggests.  She’s the Director of the Panhandle Humane Society and she has a great idea: help your local shelter walk their dogs!

Whatever your mood, big dog, small dog, young and fast dog or older, slower dog, we can most often find you the perfect walking partner. Whatever time you have, a lunch hour or a quick thirty minute run, we will most likely be open.

Click through for 10 great reasons why you should celebrate National Walk Your Dogs Month by helping a local shelter!  Pixel the dog will thank you!

Good Deeds, Jan. 27

Check this out – Omaha’s local paper, the World-Herald, provides weekly updates of ways that you can do something good!  It would be awesome if every local paper offered this to its readers.  And there’s no shortage of options – so you can choose what sounds most fun!  Check out a free family movie where admission is one canned good.  Or eat spaghetti for a good cause – eye health, supporting eye research, seeing-eye dogs, and eye exams!  If you’ve got more time, look into coaching a girls’ running team.  There are some great inspirational stories, too!

“Kind App” Make Smartphones Tools for Doing Good as well as Wasting Time

This South Korean paper runs through some great app that help you give back in an easy and fun way!  One app acts as a pedometer, and once you’ve walked a certain amount, it gives money!  Turn on another app before you call a friend, and donate based on time talked.  Here’s another fun idea!

Tree Planet is ostensibly a game in which you take care of trees, but in fact the app also helps you plant real trees in Korea and around the world. In the game, you must first select a specific country and then dig a hole for the tree, give it plenty of sunlight, water it, and keep away loggers. If you help the tree grow, a portion of the advertising revenue paid by companies sponsoring the game is sent to UNICEF and other organizations that plant trees.

My Talent + My Heart = My Superpower!

Busting 5 Common Myths About Philanthropy

The Global Game Changers know that My Talent + My Heart = My Superpower! is the essential equation to encourage life-long giving in kids.  But the equation works in adults, too.  Check out this myth and how the Spear’s columnist, Alison Prout, debunks it:

4. “My interests aren’t relevant, it’s more important that I just give a proportion of my wealth to a charity”

‘Not everyone is going to become passionate about philanthropy,’ says Prout, ‘although most philanthropists will be eager to tell you how incredibly rewarding they find it. However, by not giving yourself the time to be clear about your values, beliefs and aims of your philanthropy, you are not only depriving yourself of the potential reward from your activities, you are also depriving your current chosen cause of an important asset – your passion and enthusiasm.

‘Excitement and enthusiasm for a charity you are involved with will filter through to your friends, family and colleagues. Without realising, you could be an important ambassador. Although your passion may well result in higher donations from you in the future, you will also be involving those around you – invaluable!’

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