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Last week, Pixel Entertainment and The Global Game Changers traveled to the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.  For those of you who don’t know, ABC Kids is “the premier juvenile products specialty show in the world, with more than 1000 exhibitors in nearly one million square feet of exhibit space.”  We were excited to be first-time exhibitors with our Global Game Changers products, especially as that brand continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

We did not have very far to travel, since this year the Expo was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky.  That’s where our main office is located, and we all mentioned how wonderful it was to bring national and international contacts and companies to our hometown.  There were many people and all kinds of different products, from strollers to toys to clothing.  Everything that a baby might need somehow found a place at ABC Kids!

As with every show, we had so much fun meeting all of the interested people that stopped by our booth to chat.  We saw how their faces lit up the more we explained about our superheroes and their mission to change the world by Igniting Good!  People loved the book, commenting on its colorful illustrations, and liked our capes, too!  Kristy modeled  them and even though she is not child-size herself, we thought she looked pretty cute!

We truly appreciated the insights that people shared about our brand when they stopped by.  Since we are growing every day, we found their feedback about what they loved particularly valuable.  The store buyers know their store and their customers so well – their expertise is hard-won and incredibly useful to a new brand.  And it was great when they shared stories of kids they knew who Ignite Good! and could be future members of the Global Game Changers Alliance!

We came away even more motivated to inspire kids to answer a new set of questions. Instead of asking the same thing – what’s your favorite color, what’s your favorite subject and what’s your favorite sport – thanks to the Global Game Changers, kids can answer some new super cool questions, like what charitable initiatives are you passionate about, what talents do you use to help others, and what’s your favorite way to give back?

This week, we are back to the daily grind in Pixel Central headquarters, taking what we learned from ABC Kids and moving forward to make the Global Game Changers an even stronger brand.

Thanks, ABC Kids!  Perhaps we’ll see you next year in Las Vegas!