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Our brand, The Global Game Changers, encourages children to learn to Ignite Good in their lives.  They can do small things or large things, but we want them to learn the value of giving without expecting anything in return.  But the philosophy of these young superheroes extends beyond our brand and into our own business philosophy. That’s why we have incorporated corporate giving into The Global Game Changers.  Children will be empowered by voting for a charity to receive a portion of the Global Game Changer profits.

Mama Ben strongly believes that giving is the wave of the future in business.  We often think of corporations as large hulking entities that are out to destroy the little guy, but that is often not the case nowadays.  Many if not most large corporations have programs that allow them to give back to the causes and communities that their employees adopt.

In our previous life working in non-profits, we saw how employees were motivated by their employer to begin fighting hunger in and around their corporate headquarters.  And as the employees took ownership of the program, they worked to encourage an even greater involvement not only by their employer, but also by friends, family, and neighbors.  Good begets good.

And now many businessses begin with a charitable aspect in mind.  Tom’s Shoes was founded with a “One for One” model. Every time you buy a pair of these shoes, one goes to a child in need.  But Toms is not alone.  Other businesses include Innova Dynamics, Hydros Bottles, Revolution Foods, Better World Books, and FIGS.  Forbes profiled each of these businesses in an article, and many of them have experienced dramatic growth since start-up.  That is because people want to give.  Good begets good.

As we continue our journey with this company, we will continue to look for ways to live the philosophy of The Global Game Changers, and find new ways to Ignite Good.