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Phoebe with her donation boxThis week, we are checking out the San Francisco Food Bank.  It’s a charity that’s near and dear to our hearts because of Phoebe, who is one of our Global Game Changers.  Prior to graduation from day care, Phoebe’s teacher asked each of the children in her classroom to perform a public service project.  What a cool idea!

Phoebe had recently seen people on the street who looked sad.  When she asked why, her parents told her it was because they lacked food and shelter.  She wanted to do something to change that. So Phoebe attacked her teacher’s mission with gusto.  She decided to raise $1,000 for the San Francisco Food Bank. She wrote letters, recycled cans, and even got into the newspaper!  She wrote thank-you notes for every single donation, large or small.

When the project was over, she’d not only met her goal, but exceeded it.  Nearly four times over!  She raised $3,3736.30.  I’ll let her tell you what this means:

Photo from SF Food Bank

And Phoebe didn’t stop there.  She has decided to keep her project going.  And because more people have heard about it, they’ve given, too.  To the tune of $20,000.  WOW!

The San Francisco Food Bank feeds an estimated 225,000 people.  They delivered 44 million pounds of food in 2011 alone.  But San Francisco is not the only food bank in the country, by far.  There are food banks in your area, too!  Maybe you can help out by donated canned goods, volunteering, or giving.  As Phoebe would tell you – every little bit counts.