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It’s Robust

Privately funded and FREE to educators, we offer a flexible and robust project-based service learning curriculum that promotes a positive culture, as well as support tools that include professional development and evaluation protocol for In-School and Out-of-School Time Programs. Global Game Changers IGNITE GOOD!® curricula are intended to develop the Whole Child by nurturing our youngest citizens service and leadership skills.

GGC believes in the power of kids’ ideas and insights. Through our unique curriculum, students learn to overcome apathy and feel empathy. While having fun they learn to know that they have value, that they are important and that they can make a difference too.

We utilize a strength-based approach to learning that encourages teachers to differentiate the gifts of each individual student. This approach improves student’s engagement in the learning process.

Online Platform Includes:

  • ALL K-5th Grade Curriculum
  • Power Point Presentations and Videos
  • Professional Development
  • Custom Evaluation Tools
  • Path to become a GGC Certified Educator
  • Path to become a GGC Certified Program
  • IGNITE GOOD!® Challenge Includes ALL K-5th Grade Lessons Plans

Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen social emotional skills, including self-esteem and empathy
  • Expand power skills, including leadership and communication
  • Support academic growth, including improved behavior and attendance
  • Promote character development and civic engagement
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing courses of study
  • Encourages teachers to differentiate the gifts of each individual student
  • Create a sustainable lifelong connection to service
  • Promotes engagement rather than just exposure
  • 21st Century Learning Skills

Our Lessons are…

  • Superhero-themed
  • Common-Core/NAEYC
  • Strengths-based
  • Project/problem-based
  • Compassion-focused
  • Modular and flexible for implementation
  • Fully Written and Easy to Follow
  • High-Quality
  • Evidence-Based

Each CCSS compliant grade level appropriate curriculum builds on the GGC lessons of compassion, service, empathy and kindness from year to year, but is effective as a single grade level implementation as well.

Each Grade Level Curriculum Covers The Following Components:

  • Professional Development
  • Introduction to the program, the Superpower Equation, and Ignite Good!
  • Discussion of 12 Heart Badges (Animals, Arts, Basic Needs, Bullying, Education, Elderly, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Rescue, Veterans, General)
  • Exploration of Talent
  • Completion of individual Superpower Equations
  • Creation and Implementation of Individual Service Projects
  • Superhero Celebration
  • Evaluation Protocol

GGC lessons allow students to explore different charitable causes, develop their talents, learn from other children’s examples, and ultimately create their own individual service project, using their talents to serve causes they care about.

Lesson plans and materials promote in-depth explorations into compassion and social-emotional learning, as well as self-compassion, mindfulness and nutrition.

Students focus on our motto – IGNITE GOOD!® – throughout the program, they learn about real life children making a difference.

To introduce the curriculum, we use a book, The Global Game Changers, about a fictional alliance of superheroes; Global Girl, Little Big-Heart, and their dog Pixel, who search the world looking for real-life kids who IGNITE GOOD!® to join their alliance to fight KRUMI, represented by a dark cloud of apathy. The book tells the story of three real-life recruits who have learned to fight apathy – compassion’s archenemy, with their heads, their hearts, and their hands and to do good in the world.