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Pixel Entertainment had a very event-ful Black Friday.  Both The Global Game Changers and Anne Browning Walker had back-to-back book events at Barnes & Noble in Louisville, Kentucky.  From there, Pixel Entertainment moved on to another event at Pottery Barn Kids in the Oxmoor Mall.  It was a great day to be out!

In Louisville, the weather turned cold just in time for Black Friday, but that didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of any shoppers.  In fact, both of the places that we visited were bustling with post-holiday traffic!  Everyone was eager to get some holiday shopping done and get in on some of the great deals that various stores were advertising.

Both of our authors commented on how Barnes & Noble provided a great one-on-one experience with customers who came up to chat or hear a little bit of the book read (especially for Global Game Changers back in the children’s corner!).  And families came to check everything out together.  We saw a grandmother with her granddaughter and two six-year-old cousins, both sets of families visiting from out of town.  Author Anne Browning Walker learned about an informal romance book club shared between two sisters and their mother!

At the Pottery Barn event, we were inundated with children and parents interested in learning more about The Global Game Changers.  Kids rushed to the small table Pottery Barn had set up for us to color some holiday cards for the elderly, and some even tried on the sample capes we had decorating our little space!  We were overwhelmed with the response to our message and were impressed by how important it is for these parents to teach their kids that giving is as important as receiving.

Thanks to Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn for hosting us!

Check out some pictures from these events: